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The citation below is somewhat peculiar. I think that the wordlist needs confirmation, first, and even its provenance seems to be more Semitic, or even exclusively Semitic, and in contradiction to other published analyses. That's why I have combined the list taken from the link above with the Karachai-Balkarian coincidences in the Sumerian from the Sumerian and Karachai-Balkarian Türkic.

Translation of Sumerian Words and Phrases

In the transliterations that follow, every letter must be pronounced. There are no silent syllables in Sumerian. Hence, "KIA" is pronounced "keeya"; "KAIMANU" is pronounced "ka-ee-mah-nu"
Vowels Consonants

a as in "father"
e as in "whey"
i as in "Antique"
o as in "boat" (but rarely found)
u as in "Zulu"

X as in German "ach"
CH (Same as above)
K (Same as above)
SH as in "Shall"
SS as in, perhaps, "lasso"; a hissing "s" common to Arabic languages
Z as in "lots"; a hard "ts" sound, not quiet as in "zoo"

Common Sumerian words for magical purposes

Akhkharu Vampire
Alal Destroyer
Alla Xul Evil God
Barra! Begone
Dingir Xul Evil God
Edin Na Zu Go to the desert! (a form of exorcism)
Gelal Incubus
Gigim Xul Evil Spirit
Gidim Xul Evil Ghost
Idimmu Demon
Idpa Fever
Kashshaptu Witch
Lalartu Phantom
Lalassu Spectre
Lilit Succubus
Maskim Xul Evil Fiend (Ambusher, Lier-In-Wait)
Mulla Xul Evil Devil
Rabishu Sam As Maskim Xul
Telal Wicked Demon (Warrior)
Uggae God Of Death
Uruku Larvae
Utuk Xul Evil Spirit

Names of People|Gods|Places / Words for People|Gods|Places

AMAUSHUMGALANNA Lord of Bread of Life ('date clusters')
ANSHAR Foremost of the Heavens
ANSHARGAL Great Prince of Heaven
ANU the Heavenly One
BADTIBIRA Land (bright land) Where the Ores are Made Final
BUZUR God of the Deep Mines (God Who Solves Secrets)
DAMKIANNA Mistress of Earth and Heaven
DUMUZI Son Who is Life
EA He Whose House is Water
EANNA House of Anu
EBABBAR House of the Rising Sun
EDIN (valley of Edin) Land of Mas
EENGURRA House of the Lord Whose Return is Triumphant
EGISNUGAL or GISNU House Causing Light
EHURSAGKALAMMA Mountainhead for all the Lands
EKUR or KUR or KURGAL House Mountain (great mountain)
EKUR House Which is Like a Mountain
EMEURANNA House of the ME's of ANU's Hero
ENKI Lord of Earth
ENLIL Lord of Airspace
EZINU Goddess of the Grain
GIBIL One of Fire
GULA or BAU Lady Who the Dead Brings Back to Life
HEBAT Lady of the Skies
HURSAGMU Mountain of the Sky-Chambers
IGIGI Those Who See and Observe
KADINGIR Gateway of the Gods
KIENGIR Land of the Lord of the GIR
KINGU Great Emissary
KISHAR Foremost of the Firmlands
KISHARGAL Great Princess of Firm Ground
MAMMI Mother of the Gods
NANNA Goddess of the Moon
NANSHE Goddess of Fish
NERGAL Great Watcher
NINA Lady of Water
NINAGAL Prince of Great Waters
NINAZU Lord Knowing the Waters
NINGISHZIDDA Lord of the Artifact of Life
NINIGIKU Lord Bright-Eyed
NINHURSAG Lady of the Mountainhead
NINKASHI Lady of Beer (Drinks)
NINLIL Lady of Airspace
NINMULMULLA Lady of Many Stars
NINSUNA Lady of the Wild Cows
NINTI Lady of Life
NINURTA Lord Who Completes the Foundation
SABITU Seven Wind-Gods of TIAMATU (Abyss/Ocean)
SARRAT IRKALLI Queen of The Netherworld
SHIIMTI House Where the Wind of Life is Breathed In
SHIN'AR or SUMER Land of the Watchers
SHURUPPAK Land of Utmost Well-Being
SUEN Multiplying Lord
TIAMAT Maiden of Life
ZIKIA Life of Earth and Water
ZIUSUDRA His Life-Days Prolonged (Noah)

Short Sumerian Sentences / Phrases

Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat Road Whose Course Does Not Turn Back
Ati Me Peta Babka Gatekeeper, Open Your Gate for Me
Eli Baltuti Ima''Idu Mituti Dead Will Be More Numerous Than The Living
Erset La Tari Land of No Return
Harsag Zalazalag Peak Which Emits the Brilliance
Kibrat Erbettim Regions of The Four
Kima Parsi Labiruti Treat Her In Accordance With The Ancient Rites
Nise Matati Kisitti Qatiya People of The Land Which I Conquered
Peta Babkama Luruba Anaku Open the Gate for Me So That I Can Enter Here
Sa Belet Ersetim Ki'Am Parsusa Rites of The Mistress of The Netherworld
Sada Emedu Reach The Mountain
Usella Mituti Ikkalu Baltuti Raise Up The Dead Here Consuming The Living
Zi Dingir Anna Kanpa! Spirit God Of The Sky, Remember!
Zi Dingir Kia Kanpa! Spirit God Of the Earth, Remember!


And MA
As (or like) KIMA
As Much As MALA
But MA
Either ... Or LU ... LU
From INA
Him SU (add to word)
Let LU
Like (or as) KIMA
That SU or SU'ATI
The INA (?)
Through INA
Thus KI'AM
What MINU or SA
Whatever MIMMA
Where ASAR
Which AYYU or SA
Whichever AYYUMMA
Whoever MAMMAN

English Sumerian Türkic (Kar.-Balk.) English Notes
Abandon WUSSURU      
Able LE'U      
Abomination ANZILLU      
Above ELENU      
Abyss (ocean) TIAMATU      
Accuse EBERU      
Accuser MUBBIRUM (an accuser)      
After WARKI      
Afterwards WARKANUM      
Against ELI      
Aid TAPPUTU      
Alliance KATARU (to make an alliance)      
Alone INA AHISA or EDIS      
Amen CACAMA      
ancestor Baba Baba ancestor  
Antimony GUHLU      
Anything SUMSU MIMMA (anything whatsoever)      
Arrive KASADU      
Artisans UMMANI      
Ashes DITALLU      
Assembly PUHRUM      
Attacker GUDANNA (Anu`s attacker)      
At My Feet ANA SEPIYA      
Aura NI (awesome aura)      
Awake NEGELTU      
Awesome KASHURRA (pure which opens)      
Axe ALANI (axe that produces power)      
Back SERU      
Bad LEMNU      
Badly LEMNIS      
Barely SHE      
Bat SUTINNU      
Battle TAHAZU      
Battle Line SIDRU      
Battle Onslaught INA QITRUB TAHAZI      
Be BASU      
Bear NASU (verb, to bear)      
beat (kick) Sig Sok to beat  
Bed GISNU or ERSU or ISERSU      
Beer SIKARU      
Before LAPAN or INA PANI      
Beginning APSU (one who exist from the beginning)      
Behold ANNITU or ME      
Belly TITI      
Belong SA      
Besieged ALME      
Bestow TALAMU (to bestow on)      
bird Kush K'ush bird  
Bird ESSURU      
Bird City SIPPAR      
birth, give (v) Tu Tuu birth, give (v)  
Bite NASAKU      
Black SALMU      
Black SALAMU (to become black)      
blood Kan Kan blood  
Body ZUMRU      
Bond DURANKI (bond heaven earth)      
born, be Tud Tuudu born, be  
Born MUMMU (one who was born)      
Bowl (reed) KUNINU      
Bracelet SEMIRU      
break (v) Buz Buz break (v)  
break (v) Uat Uat break (v)  
Break PALASU      
Break Out NAPAHU      
breast Gaba Gabara breastwarmer, bra  
Breast IRTU      
Bridle RAPPU      
Bright NEPERDU      
Bright MELAMMU (awe inspiring luminosity)      
Bright LARAAK (seeing the bright glow)      
Brightness ENIR (house of brightness)      
Bring (to hurl) NADU      
Bring to Naught ADI LA BASI ALAKU      
Broke Out INNAPIH      
Bronze ZABARDIBBA (he who bronze obtains and divides)      
Brother AHU      
Build TABANNUSI      
Burn QAMU      
Buyer SAYYAMUM      
Cage QUPPU      
Calm Down NAHU      
Came ILLIKAM (he went there)      
Campaign GIRRU      
Carry WABALU      
Case DINUM      
Case of DIN      
Celestial Body MUL (who shine in the heights)      
Celestial Body MULKI (the celestial body that had been cleaved apart)      
Celestial Horizon ANUR      
Change ENU      
Changed USEMI (turned into)      
Chariot MARGIDDA (celestial chariot)      
Cheek LETU      
Child AMELSERRU or DAMU      
Chocolate SUKULUTU      
Choice RESTU      
Choral Bands KHAUIKI      
Citizens MARE ALI      
City ALU      
City (the city) UR      
City Gate KAGAL or ABULLU      
Claim RUGUMMUM      
clan Ul Ul son, descendant  
Clay TIDDU or IM      
Clay DUGGAE (lifeless mass of clay)      
Close QITRUBU (to draw near)      
Clothed LABASU (to be clothed)      
Come ALKA      
come out Ed E pass (v)  
Commanded ALAKSU QABU      
Commanders SUT RESI (those of the head)      
Compensate RABU      
Concubines SINNIS.SEKRETU      
Confine KALU      
Conquered IKSUDA      
Container HABANNATU      
continously Daim Dayim continously  
Contract RIKISTU      
Convict KANU      
Corpse PAGRU      
Count MANU (to count)      
Course ALAKTU      
create (v) Kur Kur build (v)  
Creature of Enki ENKIDU      
Crevice NIGISSU or KIINDAR      
Crossing NIBIRU (planet of the crossing)      
Crown AGU or AGA      
Crownlike DUGA (dark)      
Cult Figure ASSINNU      
Cut PARASU      
Currency KASPAM (money)      
Curse EZERU      
Cutting NIKSUM      
Daily UMISAM      
Dangerous AKSU      
Dark ETU (to be dark)      
Dark DUGA (crownlike)      
Dark Room ITIMA or KISSUM      
Darkness ETUTU or ASBU      
Date SULUPPU      
Dead MITU      
Dead Ones MITUTU      
Dead Person MITU      
death El El to die  
Decide PARASU (to render)      
Decision PURUSSUM      
Declare Innocent EBEBU      
Deeds DAMQATI      
Deep Water APSU      
Defeat DABDU      
Demons DALKHU (evil spirits)      
Denouncer MUNAGGIRU      
Deport NASAHU      
descend, sit down Tush Tüsh to descend  
Destroy ABATU or NAPALU      
Die ANA SIMTIM ALAKU (to go one`s fate)      
Die ADI LA BASI ALAKU (to bring to naught)      
Difficult NAMRASU      
Diminish SEHERU      
Direction GUG (direction determining)      
Disease MURSU      
District NAGU      
Divide ZAZU      
Dogs KALBI      
Dog of Death URBAT      
door Eshik Eshik door  
Door DALTU or GISIG      
Dragons TAMMABUKKU (from the Land of Mas)      
Draw Near QITRUBU      
Drink NAG      
Drink ASATTA (I will have to drink)      
Drinks (beer) KASHI      
Dust EPRU      
Dwell ETUTI      
Dwell in Darkness INA ETUTI ASBU      
Dwelling SUBTUM      
Dwelling Place MANZAZU      
Ear UZNUM      
Earth KI or GI or KIA      
Eat AKALU or IKUL      
Earth ERSETU or KI      
Eighth SAMNU      
elder Abame Appa grandfather, grandmother  
Encourage TAKALU      
enemy Jau Jau enemy  
Enemy AMELNAKRU or LUKUR      
Enlarge RAPASU      
Enter ERIBU (those who enter)      
Enter ANA BITI SA ERIBUSU (house to which those who enter it)      
Entered ERUMMA      
Envelope SAHAPU (to envelope)      
Environs LIMETISUNU (their environs)      
Escape NAPARSUDU      
Established UKINNU      
Equal MASALU (to make equal)      
Ever ISTU      
Ever Since ISTU ULLANUMMA      
Evil Eye NEKELMU (look at malevolently)      
Eye INU      
Eye ASAR (all powerful, awesome, all      
Excavation KILA      
Executed DAKU (to be executed)      
Exit ASU (those who exit)      
Extinguish BELU      
Face PANA      
Fall MAQATU      
Far RUQU      
Falsehood SARRATUM      
Fashioned IBTANI      
Fate SIMTUM      
Fate Speaker DUGNAMTAR      
Father ABUM      
Father of ABI      
Favorite MIGRU      
Fear ADARU or PALAHU      
Female SINNIS      
Flee ABATU      
fly (n) Chibin Chibin fly (n)  
few, little Az Az few, little  
Fifth HAMSU      
Fifty ENINNU (house of fifty)      
Field EQLUM      
filter (v) Süz Süz filter (v)  
fire Ud Ot fire  
First Gate ISTEN BABA      
Fishes HAAKI (place of the water fishes)      
Five HAMSUM      
Flood AMARUBAURRATA (the flood swept thereover)      
Foot SEPU or GIR      
Forbidden IKKIBU (forbidden thing)      
Force EMUQA (by force)      
Foremost BELET or GAL      
Forests KHARSAANU SAQUUTU (thick forests)      
Forever DARISAM      
For the Purpose of ANA      
Fortified BADGALDINGIR (great fortified place of the gods)      
Fortification ALHALSU      
Fortresses BIT DURANI      
Fought IMTAHAS (he fought)      
Fourth REBU      
From ULTU or ISTU      
Front ELLAMU      
Furious EZEZU      
Furnishings NUMATU      
Garment TUG (toga like garment)      
Garment TUGTUSHE (garment which is worn wrapped around)      
Gate BABU      
Gatekeeper ATU or AMELATU      
Gateway Peak KA HARSAG      
Gaurd NASARU      
Gave (he gave) ISRUK      
Gave ISRUKAM (he gave to me)      
Ghosts BU'IDU      
Gift IGISUM      
girl Kyz K'yz girl  
Give NADANU      
Give (to pay) NADANU      
Go ALAKU or ALIK or DU      
God (a god) ILU      
Goddess ILATI      
Going SITU (going out)      
Gold (money) HURASAM or GUSKIN      
Good DAMIQ      
Glowing DIRGA (dark glowing chamber)      
Grains SE'IM      
Great RABUM      
Great RABU (to make great, to rear)      
ground, place Jer Jer ground, place Yer
guard, protect (v) Koru K'oruu guard, protect (v)  
Hair MALU (long hair)      
hammer (v) Ru Ur hammer (v)  
half Yarym Yarym half Yarym-spu
Hand QATU      
Hands Conquered IKSUDA QATAYA      
Hang ALALU      
Happy NEPERDU      
Have ISU      
he Mu Bu he m >b
Head SAG      
Hear NISME      
Heart LIBBU      
Heaven AN      
Heaven ANUNNAKI      
Heavenly ANU (the heavenly one)      
Heavens ANZU (he who knows the heavens)      
Heavens KUAN (opening the heavens)      
Heavy KABITU      
Heir APLUM      
Help RESUSSUN (to their assistance)      
Herald NAGIRU      
Hide MASKU      
High UL (high as the sky)      
Hire AGARU      
Hold KALU      
Holy of Holies BARAGGAL      
Home ESHARRA (home of the ruler/prince)      
Home ERIDU (home in the faraway)      
Home ERIDU (home of going afar)      
Homes DADMESUN (their homes)      
Horn QANNU      
Horse SISU      
Hour KASPU (two hours)      
House E or BITUM      
House EHUS (terrifying house)      
House of BIT      
Hunter SHARUR (supreme hunter)      
Hurrah KARRA      
I, me Me Men I, me  
Idea ZIKRU      
Immediately HAMTA      
Impose EMEDU      
Impregnate ERU      
Imprison ESERU      
Incantation NUSKU (incantation word, budding branch)      
Innocent UTEBBIBASSU      
Innumerable LA NIBI      
Inscribe SATARU (to have inscribed)      
Instead KIMA (instead of)      
Interruption BATLU      
Iron PARZILLU      
Ivory SINNU      
Joining ANKIDA (heaven earth joining)      
Joyfully HADIS      
Judge DAYYANUM      
Judges DAYYANI      
Judgeship DAYYANUTUM      
kick (beat) Sig Sok to beat  
Kill DAKU      
King SARRUM      
King of SAR      
Kings (of) SARRU/I      
Kingship SARRUTUM      
Kiss NASAQU      
Know IDU      
Know MUDU (one who knows)      
Knowledge MUDUTU      
Lack SAMU (to thirst)      
Lady BELETI      
Land MATUM or KUR      
Law Case DINUM      
Lead (to lead) REDU      
Lead Duggae (pot of lead)      
Learn LAMADU (or to teach)      
Leave EZEBU or WASU      
Liar SARRU      
Lie Down UTULU or NAPARQUDU      
Life NAPISTUM or TI      
Life TIIT (that which is life)      
Life SHI (breath of life; soul)      
Life ZIANA (heavenly life)      
Life GISHTIL (vehicle of life)      
light (adj) Yaryk Yaryk light (adj)  
Light NURU or IMMARU      
Light SUMMU NURA (they are deprived of light)      
Lightning ZAMANI (?)      
Lightning BARAQU (to strike with lightning)      
Lip SAPTU      
little, few Az Az little, few  
Live BALTU      
Live TITAAN (those who in heaven live)      
Liver KABATTU      
Living Ones BALTUTU      
Living Person BALTU      
lock (n) Kadau K'adau lock (n)  
Lock SIKKURU      
long Uzuk Uzun long  
Look At NEKELMU (evil eye)      
Lord BELUM or EN      
Lord of BEL      
Lose (to lose) HALQU      
Lost HALQU      
Love ARAMMU      
Lower SAPLU      
Luxurious ULMASH (glittering)      
Made Out EZEBU (to have made out something)      
Male ZIKAR      
Man LU      
Man (a man) AWILUM      
Man of AWIL      
Mankind SALMAT QAQQADI      
Mankind NAMLUGALLU (civilized mankind)      
March ALLIK (war march)      
me, I Me Men me, I  
Message WU''URU (to send a person a message)      
Messenger RAKBU      
Metal ANBAR (heavenly metal)      
Metal ZABAR (gleaming double metal)      
Metals ZAG (the shine of metals)      
Middle INA QABAL (in the middle of)      
Midsts INA QEREB (in the midst of)      
Mist IMBARU or IMDUGUD      
Month WARHUM      
Moon NANNA      
Mother UMMUM      
Mound EDUKU (house of the holy mound)      
Mount SAHATU (to mount)      
Mountain SADU or SHADU or KUR      
Mountains HURSANU or HURSAG or GABRI      
Mountainhead IMKURGAR (who beside the mountainhead abides)      
Mouth PU or IPUSMA      
Murder Charge NERTUM      
Name SUMSU      
Near QEREBU (to draw near)      
Netherworld KURNUGI or ERSET LA TARI      
Newness ESSUTU      
Nimbus MELAM      
Ninth TISU      
Nose APPU      
Not LA or UL      
number San San number  
number San Sana to count  
Nurse SUD      
Oath MAMITU      
Oath TAMU (to make swear)      
Oath NIS ILIM ZAKARU (to mention the life of the god)      
Obey (to hear) SEMU      
Ocean (abyss) TIAMATU      
Offerings MAQLU or MAKLU (burnt offerings)      
Oil IAZU (one who knows oil; physician)      
Old LABIRU or RABI      
One ISTEN      
Open PETU      
Open for Me PETA      
Orchard KIRUM      
Ornament DUDITTU      
Overcome KASADU      
Overlay ZANU (to stud with precious stones)      
Overturn NABALKUTU (remove)      
Paid ILEQQE      
Palace EKALLIM      
Penalty ARNUM      
Personality TEEMA      
Perfect GITMALU      
Physician AZU or IAZU      
Pig SAHU      
Place ASRU      
place, ground Jer Jer place, ground Yer
Place NIBRUKI (earth place of Nibiru)      
Planet MUL APIN (plante where the right course is set)      
Plow ERESU      
Plumage SUBAT KABBI      
Plunge SALU      
Poured SABUH (is poured)      
Power EMUQ      
Powerful SEPSU      
Precious NISIQTU      
Premature INA LA UMISU (prematurely)      
Presence MAHRU      
press (v) Or Or harvest (v.and n.)  
Priest ZAGMI or TANITTUM (of praise)      
Priest GALA or KALUM (of lamentation)      
Primeval ABZU (primeval source)      
Prince MALKU or MAR SARRIM (son of the king)      
Proceed PANU SAKANU      
Property MIMMUM or MAKKURUM      
Property of MIMMI      
Prophet (seer) NABU      
Pull SATU      
Pure EBEBU (to be clean)      
Purification by Fire SHURPU      
Put SAKANU      
Queen SARRATUM      
Quickly ARHIS      
Quiet SUHARRURU (to be quiet)      
Raise Up ELU      
Rags KARRU      
Ramp ARAMMU      
Rare AQRU      
Receive MAHARU      
Red SANDU      
Red HUSH (reddish colored)      
Red LAARSA (seeing the red light)      
Regions KIPRAT ARBA (the four regions/races)      
Regions SHULIM (supreme place of the four regions)      
Rejoice HADU      
Release WUSSURU      
Religious Duty PARSU      
remain (v) Kal K'al remain (v)  
Remove TEBU or NABALKUTU      
Render PARASU (to render a decision)      
Reorganize ANA ESSUTI SABATU      
Request ERESU      
Rest SITTU      
Return TARU      
Rib IM or TI      
Ride RAKABU      
Rider IDDUGGA (flowing leaden rider)      
Righteous Ruler ENSI      
Rings INSABATU      
Rival SANANU      
River MARGIDDA (river of the night)      
road Yol Yol road  
Road HARRANI      
Roam NAGASU      
Rob HABATU      
Rope ABSANU      
row (v) Küre Küre row (v)  
Royal Attendant MANZAZ PANI      
Ruin KARMU      
Rush SUBE'U (to dash out)      
Safe SALAMU (to be safe)      
Sanctum BARAG (inner sanctum)      
Save ETERU      
Saying IZZAKKARA      
Scented House ERESH      
Sea TAMTU or AABBA      
Seal KUNUKKUM (sealed document)      
Seal of KUNUK      
Seat KUSSUM      
Second SANU      
Second Gate SANA BABA      
See AMARU or NURU      
See NURU UL IMMARU (the do not see light)      
Seed ZERU      
Seed EKISHNUGAL (house of thirty, the great seed)      
Seer (prophet) NABU      
Seers MUDI (oracle readers)      
self Ez Ez self  
Seller NADINUM      
Sent ISPUR (he sent)      
Sent ISPURAM (he sent to me)      
Serpent AZAG (great serpent)      
servant Guruvash Karauash servant, slave girl  
Set SAKANU      
Set the Ear UZNA SAKANU      
Set the Face PANA SAKANU      
Settle SUBTA RAMU (to settle oneself)      
Seven SEBET      
Seventh SEBU      
Seven Gates SEBET BABI      
Shade SILLU or GISSU      
Sharpen SELU      
Shine ZAG (the shine of metals)      
Ship MAGAN (the shine of metals)      
Ship MAGURURNUABZU (ships for the ores of the ABZU)      
Shows USMI (he who shows the way)      
Sick MARUS (is sick)      
Side IM      
Sieze SABATU      
Siezed QATISU      
Silent SUQAMMUMU      
Silver (money) KASPUM or KUBABBAR      
Sin (to sin) SHA HATTI      
Since ISTU      
Since ULLANUMMA (from before or no sooner than)      
Singer AMELNARU or NARUM      
Singer (female) SINNISNARTU      
Single EDU      
sister Egech Egech sister  
Sister AHATU or AHATKI      
sit down, descend Tush Tüsh to descend  
Sit WASABU      
six Alty Alty six  
Six SESSUM      
Sixth SESSU      
Skin MASKU      
Slave WARDUM      
Small WASU (to be small)      
Smite MAHASU      
Smiter SHARGAZ (supreme smiter)      
Snakes EMUSH (home of the snakes)      
soldier, warrior Er Er man  
Soldier REDUM      
Son MARU      
song Yyr Yyr song  
Sorcery KISPU or KISHPU      
Sorrow EBIH (abode of sorrowful calling)      
Speak QABU      
Spirit ZILITTU (spirit of the mist)      
Spirit ZINI (spirit of the wind)      
Spirits GENII      
Spirit World LA'ATZU      
Splendor BALTU      
Spoil SALLATI      
Spoke IQBU      
Spread Out SUPPARRURU      
Sprinkle SALAHU      
Stake GASISU      
Stand UZUZZU      
star Cholpan Cholpan star (Venus)  
Steep ZAQRU      
Stir DALAHU (to stir up)      
Stole ISRIQ (he stole)      
Stone ABNU      
Stone ABANAYYARTU (type of stone)      
Stone SAGKAL (sturdy stone which is in the front)      
Stop (stoppage) BATILTU      
Street SUQU      
Strike (hit) IMHAS      
Strong DANNUM      
Strong (bull) GUD      
Stronghold BIT TUKLATI      
Subdue (sumbit) KANASU      
Substitute RABU      
Summons SISITU      
Sun SAMSUM or UTU (power in the sun)      
Supreme ILAT      
Surround SAHARU      
Suspend SUQALLULU      
Sustenance BUBUTU      
Sweetsmelling Lady IRNINI      
Sword SHUHADAKU (supreme strong bright weapon)      
Tablets EDUBBA (house of scribal tablets)      
Take LEQU      
Take Away TABALU      
tear (v) Üz Üz tear (v)  
Tear DIMTU      
Tell SANU (to inform)      
Ten ESRUM      
Ten DINGIRU (the god ten)      
Tenth ESRU      
Terrain EQEL NAMRASE (difficult terrain)      
Territory PATU      
Terror PULHU      
Testimony SIBUTUM      
There were BASU      
Thief SARRAQUM      
Thigh PENU      
Third SALSU      
Thirst SAMU (to lack)      
Thirty SALASA      
three Ush Uch three  
Threshold ABANASKUPPATU      
Throw it Down TANADDASSI      
Time ADANNU (appointed time)      
Time ULTU ULLA (since time immemorial)      
Tomb KIMAH      
Tower DIMTU      
Treasure House BIT NISIRTISU      
Treat EPESU (to treat)      
Tremble RABUM (to shake with fear)      
Tribute MANDATTU or BILTU      
True KANU (to be valid)      
thrust (v) Gag K'ak thrust (v)  
Try DANU (to try a case)      
Tunnel PILSU      
Turbid DALHU      
Turn EMU      
Turned Into USEMI      
Twelve SINSER      
two Ikki Eki two  
Two SINA      
Unrivaled LA SANAN      
Unsubmissive LA MAGIRI      
Until ADI      
Upper ELENU      
Up to ADI      
Utensil UNUTU      
valuh (?) Irik Irik valuh (?)  
Vassal BEL ADE U MAMIT      
Verdict DINUM      
Vertical SU      
Victory LITUM      
Vizier SUKKALLUM      
Wall DURU      
Want WABALU      
Want MINA (to desire)      
Wanted LIBBI UBLA (I wanted)      
warrior Er Er man  
Warrior ETLU      
Watcher NERGAL (great watcher)      
Water MU or A      
Water AZU (one who knows water; physician)      
Water UTUKAGABA (light established at the gate of the waters)      
Watering Place MALTITU      
Weak AK      
Weapon ISKAKKU or GISTUKUL      
Weep BAKU      
weight Aur Auur weight  
Well DAMQIS (the emotion)      
Went USI (he went there)      
what Ne Ne what  
Whatever MIMMA      
Wide NAPALKU (to be wide)      
Wide RAPAS (is wide)      
Wife ASSAT      
Wild RIMANIS      
Wind IM      
Wine ISKARANU      
Wing KAPPU      
Wise EMQU or ZU      
With ITTI      
Within INA      
Without BALU      
Without Number LA MINAM      
Witness SIBUM      
Wood ISU      
wool Yün Yün wool  
Word AWATUM      
Worker LULU AMEL (mixtured worker)      
Worry ADARU      
write Yaz Yaz write  
Year (new year) AKITU      
Yoke NIRU      
you Sen Sen you  
Young SEHER      
Young Men ETLUTU      
Young Woman SINNIS WARDATU      
Zenith ANPA (point of zenith)      
Ziggurat EUNIR (house ziggurat rising high)      
ZIUSUDRA His Life-Days Prolonged (Noah)      

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